Knowledge Mining

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Knowledge Mining

Our team of highly qualified Ph.D. and M.D. scientists can help you collect information to support your projects. If you have a need to assess a new target, or compile competitive intelligence, or assemble a dataset of toxicity endpoint – we can help. Our expertise includes:

  • Data gap analysis – we will find what is missing in your data collection and come up with ideas to fill in those gaps.

  • Crawling public resources to identify relevant datasets for your research needs. A custom-designed Crawling tool efficiently queries NCBI and EMBL resources and provides results in a user-friendly Excel format.

  • Developing custom scoring systems and generating profile reports for target prioritization.

  • Assessing therapeutic landscape to understand unmet needs, patient populations, competitors to make informed decisions about product development.

  • Building knowledge bases for various life science domains, including diseases, genetic variants, microbiomes, drugs, assays and other.

  • Extracting relevant information from publications such as interactions, assays, drug activity and toxicity, clinical trials, phenotypes, genetic variants, expression signatures, adverse events, biomarkers, patient population, and other domains.

  • Gathering information for drug repurposing.

  • Assisting with panel development by creating comprehensive lists of relevant genes based on literature and public databases and gathering information to facilitate gene prioritization.

The team's knowledge mining abilities are unparalleled, and their dedication to understanding each customer's unique requirements allows them to provide tailored solutions that deliver high-quality, actionable insights.