Publication Services

Publication Services

RanchoBiosciences’ experienced team of life sciences experts, data scientists, and scientific writers can interpret your data and produce submission-ready abstracts, full manuscripts, conference posters, presentations, and more. Rancho BioSciences also has in-house graphic designers and artists who can develop clear and impactful images for posters and easy-to-interpret figures for your next manuscript. Our publication services include:

  • Experimental design

  • Abstract and manuscript preparation from start to finish — writing, editing, formatting, and submission

  • Image and graphics creation for manuscript figures, cover design, posters, and other media

  • Posters, presentations, and pitch decks, including all content and images

  • Other scientific content, including but not limited to webpage copy, product descriptions, and more

  • Scientific writing from long-form (e.g., manuscript preparation for high impact factor journals) to short-form (e.g., disease descriptions or gene variant information for website content)