Terminology Management Solution

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Terminology Management Solution (TMS)

Data interoperability relies on ontologies to integrate data across various systems. Without a standard, mapping data becomes tedious and error-prone degrading the accuracy and reliability of your data. 


TMS streamlines the data cleansing process. With just a few clicks, map your data to over 50 standard ontologies, or your own custom ontologies. Save time, reduce effort, ensure data accuracy and consistency, making your data more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). TMS transforms a complex process into an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly experience.​

Video: A simple user interface and easy workflow for term mapping and annotation.

Key Product Highlights

Ontology Manager

Create a tailored, organization-wide data management solution by ingesting custom or public ontologies like UBERON, SNOMED, DOID, RXNORM, CDISC (SDTM and SEND), OMOP and more, ensuring compatibility and precise term mapping.  Define your own mapping rules for complete control over data categorization.

Automated Mapping Tools

Use advanced AI semantic mapping and a proprietary fuzzy phonetic mapping algorithm, refined over 8 years, to improve data handling accuracy and adaptability. Quickly correct or add new variations in spelling, pronunciation, and synonyms to ensure precise and contextually relevant mappings.

Simple to Access

Intuitive User Interface

Easily annotate terms and manage ontologies using familiar spreadsheet functions, such as column and range mapping, directly from your web browser - no code needed. 

Powerful API Suite

Seamlessly integrate TMS into your existing data pipeline and automate your term mapping processes. 

Discover the insights hidden in your data

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