QC Management

QC Management

Rancho’s Quality Control Credo – “Everything we do must be of high quality”

At Rancho BioSciences, we are committed to excellence. We believe every product, service, and interaction must meet the highest standards of quality, and we achieve this by adhering to high standards of professionalism, complying with regulations, continuously evaluating and improving our processes and practices, and relentlessly pursuing innovation. Our dedication to delivering the best possible results for our customers and stakeholders is reflected in everything we do.

Rancho BioSciences implements rigorous quality control (QC) processes throughout the data management lifecycle, including:

  • A “Fit for Purpose” (flexible, clear, applicable) approach and “First Time Right” principals

  • Multi-directional testing strategies (script-based system check, manual spot check, automated QC tools)

  • Independent quality review by multiple Ph.D.-level scientists (final deliverables of each project must be signed off by the Technical Lead and Project Manager)

  • Quality checks across the entire data lifecycle (project planning/pilot, data collection, data extraction, data preservation, integration, data analysis)

  • Provide version control for all code-related projects

  • Track project inspection status and QC records using a common SharePoint site

  • Host QC management plans and protocols using Rancho Knowledge Base

Internal QC Inspections:

Our QC inspection process incorporates interactive workshops and brainstorming training sessions aimed at improving quality standards and procedures. In addition, our QC management team conducts regular project QC inspection meetings to monitor the effectiveness of our QC plans, assess resource adequacy, and ensure compliance throughout implementation.