RanchoTK (Rancho ToolKit)

Rancho Tool Kit is a collection of internal code functionality that accelerates analysis, streamlines the QC process and encourages development of professional, consistent and accessible scientific deliverables.

Rancho has been building content and tools since 2012. Over the years we have a lot of in house technology that we bring to projects to produce high quality efficient results for our clients. Here are a few examples:


RanchoTK analysis module

  • Best-practice method
  • Robust testing and QC
  • Included documentation

RanchoTK plotting module

  • Consistent styling
  • Standardized inputs
  • Efficiently create complex visualizations

Typical Analysis Script


Fuzzy Logic Tool (Rancho Mapping Terms Tool)

This tool is focused on rapid, practical data harmonization based on phonetic alignment.


Smart Converter

A tool to collect data from clinical data sites – simultaneously checks for updates, downloads, and converts data to format that is FAIR. Minimizes human time spent on data updates and facilitates rapid data ingestion into a platform of choice.


RanchoKB (Rancho KnowledgeBase)

The Rancho Knowledge Base is an internal portal with a searchable interface for a curated inventory of existing internal resources.
This resource provides Rancho scientists the ability to discover previous project results, code or datasets delivered as part of previous projects. The reason we built this portal/catalog is to:

  • Create efficiencies and quicker turn around time for clients
  • Maintain quality
  • Consistency
  • Standardization

Rancho has delivered on over 1,500 successful projects.