About Rancho BioSciences

Rancho BioSciences is on a mission to save lives through Data.

Rancho BioSciences vision is to be the leading data services company in the world leveraging domain knowledge and expertise to solve complex problems.

Who are Ranchers?

We are a group of Amazing scientists that are passionate about saving lives through data. We are all driven, innovative, creative, work hard and smart to support our clients. We have diverse scientific backgrounds with experience across all areas of disease, worked with all kinds of data, instruments, and platforms. We have worked in Pharma, Biotech, software companies and academia. We have come together at Rancho to make a difference. We truly care.

Rancho Team

Founder and CEO
VP Science and Technology

Business Development

Business Development
Business Development

Business Model

Rancho BioSciences is a fee for service Data Curation Company
We are here to serve you and provide solutions to complicated problems.

We have a team of experienced PhD and MD scientists around the world that deliver high quality work on time and on budget. Our goal is to support the life science community by curating and organizing all kinds of life science data for analysis and providing knowledge mining services to be leveraged by our clients to further their research to answer important questions. We are all passionate about our work and the impact it will have for patients and their families.

FTE Model

Hourly rate: Access to large pool of scientist with diverse backgrounds. We invoice monthly only for hours used.

  • You pick and choose what kind of domain expertise is needed and we send resumes for you to choose from
  • For larger projects we assign a project manager and you can keep the scientists and developers you like on call for your future projects


  • We discuss the project with you and we estimate how long it will take, what kind of resources will be needed and send a proposal with pricing
  • Daily rate: We can also work on smaller projects using our daily rate

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“I want to congratulate you on an exceptional, thoughtful proposal”​

“This is fantastic news. Thanks to you and the team for the speedy and diligent work.”​

“All your feedback has been very helpful!” ​

“Our team are very happy with the output from the Rancho team.” ​

“We have been in discussions with another data curation company for a while, however it’s not been as simple as we would have liked, hence why we contacted you. I think your approach suits us very well - we already know how to work with data and have curated a lot of data ourselves, so we don’t need or want to buy an entire platform, instead we are interested in identifying and obtaining the most valuable/differentiating data we can and putting it to work as quickly as possible. The discussion was very refreshing as you all seemed to get that - in only one meeting we were able to figure everything out and get to point where a quote could be sent. So, thanks again.”

“Rancho has set the bar in terms of responsiveness and thoroughness in deliverables and have delivered within the timelines requested. Other candidate CROs have fallen well short of this. Therefore, Rancho has secured a spot as our preferred CRO for single cell curation needs!”

“I have total peace of mind in working with Rancho … “set it and forget it”.​”​

“Thanks for sending this note and thank you for making this process very easy for the last two years. Also thank you for all the support you provided the team to QC the data. Hopefully I’ll work with you on another project!”

“Thanks for this and it’s been an outstanding project. Your team’s contribution to the development of this platform has been incredible and helped enormously. You’ll be our first call if we need more help!”

“Rancho has met and even beat our fast pace and expectations throughout this project! The project was a success due to the hard work, continuous productivity, and collaboration that Rancho provided, and we intend on continuing the project with Rancho next year.”

“I know we have had a good experience with Rancho earlier this year so really appreciate your service!”

“Thank you so much for the final deliverables! Thanks so much for the wonderful job! It was very nice working with you. As said in the last meeting, this is beyond legacy data curation. Through this project the team also gained lots of insights for standardizing current/future data, as well as improving data creation and dataflow processes.”

“If it involves data, it’s Rancho”

"Your work is helping us move the metrics needle and improve the quality & reliability of its machine annotations. We appreciate it very much!"

“The Rancho team plays an important role in the success of our project.
Looking forward to continuing working with your team.”

“Project has been great so far, really impressed with the curating that Bing has performed. We’ve been able to prioritize 50 datasets to ingest and looking forward to the next phase.”​

“The deliverables were great. Where you really stood out was in project execution. We felt confident throughout the project thanks to excellent communication around timelines and logistics. Update meetings were efficient with reliable follow-through. You promised what we needed and delivered.​
In addition, your way of project management and delivery matches our values in being “execution focused”!”

"My stay here was relatively short, but long enough for me to learn from each one of you. I appreciate your endless support, collegiality, professionalism and your scientific rigor and collaborations that benefited both the team and I personally.”

“Yes, the project has gone really well, and the curation has a huge impact on the Ai.”

​“The guys at Rancho make the process very easy”​

“You did a nice job with normalization across lung cancer studies ​.”

“Amazing! This looks perfect!” ​

“This inventory is AMAZING! Thank you so much!”

“Rancho worked really hard, asked lots of questions of us and got us thinking, which is what we were hoping would happen. This has been a good interactive project and we’ve been very happy with it. Not every company we work with can do this (level of interactive brainstorming) in projects.”

“Thanks Rancho, indeed, the presentation went well. Especially given that we had to make a 90 degree turn to refocus the story in 3 days, it was all the more remarkable!"

“Rancho Employees are just awesome. The relationship is not just technical and scientific, but a people one. They are so easy to work with, so good at their jobs, and so into their jobs.”

“Thanks for delivering on the POC project and also being open to newer modifications!! The automatic integration and the data integrity flags that you have incorporated as part of your workflow will save us a lot of time and make it easier to catch any errors. Looking forward to working with y'all on upcoming projects.”


Rancho BioSciences' mission is to find cures to save lives. This is the passion in every single person working at Rancho and what motivates all of us to bring our A game every day. As a community we also give back to help those in need. Here are some of the organizations we are helping.

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