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Rancho Team

Julie Bryant

Julie Bryant

Founder and CEO
Julie works in business development for Rancho BioSciences liaising with customers and supporting projects. Julie brings years of executive international management experience in the life sciences business: GeneGo (systems biology), Thomson Reuters (scientific content), OminiViz (text mining), Genometrix (gene expression and genotyping), and Biosym/Accelrys (molecular modeling software). She has also advised and helped fund start-ups such as: FreedomVoice, aPriori Beauty Company, Simulscribe and Bimini Pet Health. Julie has also been involved in M&A activity selling GeneGo to Thomson Reuters and more recently supporting the GoDaddy acquisition of FreedomVoice.

Julie earned her science degree in England, has edited a Pathway book and is listed on several nutritional patents. Julie is also on the advisory board for Rady Children’s Hospital, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals and the Brain Trust Committee (John Wayne Cancer Institute).
Tatiana Khasanova

Tatiana Khasanova

VP Science and Technology
Tatiana leads the international team of scientific data curators, bioinformaticians, and IT specialists. She has 12+ years of experience working with complex, patent-generating projects in science fields such as knowledge management, clinical curation and platform building (GeneGo/Thomson Reuters), as well as open source tools and platforms (tranSMART, Cytoscape, Connectivity map) as well as chemistry and therapeutic specific projects (BioFocus DPI).

Tatiana completed her Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry (Univ. of Nevada, Reno) and post-doc training in peptidomimetics, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases (Univ. of California, Irvine)
Viktoria Andreeva

Viktoria Andreeva

Associate Director
Viktoria leads many projects at Rancho as an experienced curator and specializes in Omicsoft and NextBio pipelines as well as assay workflows. Viktoria has expertise in Developmental, Molecular, and Cellular Biology. She was a visiting scholar in the laboratories of Dr. Maciag, and later, Dr. Spicer at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute. Viktoria’s work includes cell cycle regulation after cell stimulation with peptide growth factors, Twist1 function during craniofacial development in mouse models, and Zebrafish mutations.

She earned her B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry (Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology), and her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology.
Dan Rozelle

Dan Rozelle

Associate Director
Dan leads a dynamic team of bioinformatics and data scientists at Rancho whom tackle a wide range of biomedical analysis projects including: building custom analysis pipelines, glean mechanistic and strategic insight from clinical trial data, and facilitating big data processing in the cloud. His team functions by both integrating into existing in-house bioinformatics teams and working collaboratively to provide project-specific expertise. Dan brings with him a broad track record of academic and pharmaceutical industry success with over 12 years of biomedical research and project management experience in cancer biology, infectious disease and clinical data science.

Dan was awarded his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Davis for identifying a novel signalling network that recognizes aberrant chromosome divisions that could lead to the development of cancer. As a postdoctoral researcher in the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Lab (NEIDL) at Boston University, Dan made significant contributions towards the understanding of innate cellular defences against viral infection.
Bill Mounts

Bill Mounts

MS – Data Science and Software Development Group Leader
Bill is the Group Leader of the Data Science and Software Development teams at Rancho leading a team of data scientists and developers that support data provenance, workflow automation, knowledge management, and solution development projects. Bill has 25+ years of experience working with complex, customer-oriented projects in science and technology. As a member of scientific and IT teams at Pfizer (formerly Wyeth), he worked on informatics projects directly supporting therapeutic area projects providing bioinformatics research and analytical support, and later led solution development efforts supporting material, information, and data provenance across metadata, LIMS, and omics data capture solutions at Pfizer.

Bill earned his BS in Chemical Engineering (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) and MS in Biotechnology (Northwestern Univ).

Business Development

Laura Brovold

Laura Brovold

PhD - Business Development
Laura is working in the Business Development group supporting Rancho customers by providing novel solutions that leverage the extensive knowledge of the Rancho team. Laura has 15+ years of experience in international business development, with a solid understanding of the Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine market. She has held management positions at GeneGo and Thomson Reuters, and has worked with disease-specific non-profit foundations such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation, CHDI, and the Children’s Tumor Foundation, as well as several institutes at the NIH.

Laura has a PhD in Computational Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics from the University of California, San Diego, and has published on the mechanism of action of a natural product cancer drug, as well as helped develop code for GAMESS to describe solvation cavities.
Andy Hope

Andy Hope

PhD - Business Development
Andy’s role is Business Development at Rancho Biosciences. He brings over 30 years’ experience in consultative selling of complex solutions and services to pharma and biotech companies. After gaining his PhD in Computational Chemistry from University College London he spent the first 10 years working at two of the pioneering companies in molecular modeling, Chemical Design and Biosym Technologies. He then spent 7 years at Aspen Technology before joining IBM Healthcare and Lifesciences in 2003. Early in 2009 he joined GeneGo which was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2011. He spent a further 5 years at TR where he led the Discovery and Translational Sciences business development team for N. America and Europe. After brief stints at Bioreference Labs/GeneDx and Cyclica he joined Rancho Biosciences in January 2019.

Business Model

Rancho BioSciences is a fee for service Data Curation Company
We are here to serve you and provide solutions to complicated problems.

We have a team of experienced PhD and MD scientists around the world that deliver high quality work on time and on budget. Our goal is to support the life science community by curating and organizing all kinds of life science data for analysis and providing knowledge mining services to be leveraged by our clients to further their research to answer important questions. We are all passionate about our work and the impact it will have for patients and their families.

FTE Model

Hourly rate: Access to large pool of scientist with diverse backgrounds. We invoice monthly only for hours used.

  • You pick and choose what kind of domain expertise is needed and we send resumes for you to choose from
  • For larger projects we assign a project manager and you can keep the scientists and developers you like on call for your future projects


  • We discuss the project with you and we estimate how long it will take, what kind of resources will be needed and send a proposal with pricing
  • Daily rate: We can also work on smaller projects using our daily rate

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Rancho BioSciences mission is to find cures to save lives. This is the passion in every single person working at Rancho and what motivates all of us to bring our A game every day. As a community we also give back to help those in need. Here are some of the organizations we are helping.